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Mango & Shea Natural Body Butter

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Dry Skin, no more! Apply to hands and rub onto skin, your skin will thank you. These butters are an effective moisturizer and may help soften your skin. They have been known to have many benefits including:

Great to use as a head to toe butter
Stretch Marks
Dry Patches
Ruff Hands and Heels
Soothes Minor Break Outs

Butters are lightly fragranced

PLEASE NOTE: This is a true body butter! Not to be confused with body milk or lotion. Body Butters are more “solid” but still some what soft when packaged. They can melt and resolidify in warmer environments. Our butter will melt into your skin as you massage it in.

A LITTLE truly goes a long way! You’ll be shocked what a small scoop on your finger can cover! If you apply too much it will take long to absorb into your skin. Always preform a patch test to insure there is no reaction.